Our staff is trained by excellent trainers at regular intervals to be fully specialized in the following areas: Providing protection and medical assistance, excellent knowledge of self-defence and arms handling methods, surveillance and security for homes and workplaces, detection and neutralization of explosive devices, execution of plans, excellent communication skills and crisis management, knowledge of each country’s legislation, correct and immediate threat and risk assessment.



The high quality of personal safety guaranteed by FBIS SECURITY has been proven through the successful guarding and escort of important individuals.

With our excellent bodyguards, graduates of top British and American bodyguard Academies, we protect:



  • Heads of state, government executives and officials.
  • Diplomats.
  • Entrepreneurs, ship owners and other economic individuals.
  • Presidents and managers of groups, companies and sports teams.
  • Athletes, artists and celebrities.
  • News correspondents.
  • Any important person needing special personal security (V.I.P. Protection).

Framed by the excellent in sharpness, discipline, self-confidence, confidential and alert-staff, we provide excellent services in the following areas:






  • Safeguarding escorting and protection of celebrities.
  • Safeguarding escorting and protection of minors.
  • Safeguarding in any open or closed space.
  • Surveillance of home and workplace.
  • Risk assessment and activation of an emergency team.






  • Checking access to any space and perimeter security check.
  • Secure transportation during a sea or coastal journey.
  • Safe transportation throughout an air-way.
  • Secure transport by car, aircraft and sea vessel.






  • Bodyguards trained by trained martial personnel with disarmament capabilities of any sharp weapon or other object and with gun license where necessary
  • Protection against harassing stalking, vulnerability assessment, threat assessment and risk analysis.
  • Head of official Security.
  • Discreet or prominent escort.




  • Surveillance and counter-monitoring.
  • Patrol stop revent malicious actions.
  • Prevention and suppression of malicious actions.
  • Security checks for crews, passengers, hand luggage, luggage, cargo and postal equipment.
  • Checking telephone conversations.
  • Location and neutralisation of room and phone taps.



  • Criminal investigations
  • Terrorist Attacks analysis
  • Control of individuals and businesses
  • Missing persons search






With privately-owned buildings, specially designed and equipped, based in different countries and cities, we provide full security, covering any need.






FBIS SECURITY , with its own trusted and internationally accredited staff and privately-owned facilities, undertakes to clear up cases, covering the gaps in any case involved in forensic investigations. If your case has not been cleared by the local authorities, or if you need more information and further analysis of the clues and facts, then we undertake to investigate and detect. Some of the services we provide are: Fingerprints, DNA analysis, electronic forensics, trace detection, blood tracking, blood stain Pattern Analysis, ballistic – toxicology, suspicious items and biological material detection, threatening messages.

The specialized services of FBIS SECURITY include the following:

  • Security services in high risk areas
  • Maritime safety – Anti-piracy
  • Crowd management
  • Threat Management: Kidnapping – Ransom – Blackmail
  • Corporate counterintelligence

FBIS SECURITY provides comprehensive services for V.I.P escorts and protection which include, among other things, the provision of translation and interpretation in the language of the person concerned.

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